Wedding Photographer Reggio Calabria

Roberto and Fabiola

Roberto and Fabiola’s wedding at Capo Sperone Resort in Palmi, Reggio Calabria Calabria was an extraordinary and touching event. Although Fabiola is blind, their love made the day unimpeded. The ceremony was full of emotion, with the presence of their adorable one-year-old son Samuel, who was also baptized during the religious ceremony. This moment made the whole ceremony even more intense and meaningful, uniting them even more as a family.

The words of the vows were filled with love and so much, so much emotion, I won’t hide that I cried too. After the ceremony, during the party, the atmosphere became more joyful and festive, with music, dancing and moments of sharing among the guests. Roberto and Fabiola’s wedding was an unforgettable and formative experience, proving to all of us present that despite challenges, love with a capital A can overcome any obstacle and lead to happiness.