questions to a wedding photographer


I capture DETAILS AND authentic moments without interfering, to tell your unique love story.


What kind of photography do you offer in your services?

My photographic style is definitely oriented toward reportage and documentation, especially when it comes to capturing weddings. I like to blend my role as a photographer with that of an unobtrusive observer, capturing spontaneous and authentic moments without interfering with the event.
I am dedicated to capturing not only the main moments such as the exchange of vows or the cutting of the cake, but also the most intimate and meaningful details that tell the real story behind the wedding. I try to capture the emotions, expressions and most delicate moments that make each wedding unique.


Do you work only in Calabria?

No, of course I can move anywhere, in fact since I love to travel, whenever a couple contacts me for a wedding outside my region I am thrilled. Of course, the out-of-region wedding, involves some travel expenses borne by the bride and groom, but other than that, I don’t ask for anything more.


Will you be there on the wedding day, or is it likely that one of your staff will go?

By my own choice, I take a limited number of commissions per year; I do this to ensure a certain quality in my services. If you have chosen me, my day will be devoted entirely to your event. Also for this reason, if you are referred to my services, my advice is to contact me as soon as possible.


People look so happy and amused in the wedding photos on your blog. Are you good at capturing those moments or are weddings really that joyful?

Photographic reportage is closely related to reality, so it is impossible for even the most careful photographer to capture a moment that does not actually occur. The most memorable weddings you can admire in my blog, as well as in those of my colleagues, were truly full of emotions and significant events. Of course, in certain cases, the photographer can make a difference by anticipating or capturing a unique moment as it unfolds, but if nothing significant occurs, it is true that his or her options are limited. So let things happen, I’ll take care of the rest….


Is the choice of location important for good photo realization?

It would be misleading of me to say that choice is not important. The choice of location for your wedding is crucial to the quality of the photos. When I talk about “location,” I am referring to all those places that are part of your special day. For example, if the bride’s preparation takes place in a dark room, it would be difficult to get high-level photos. No one, regardless of their ability, could do it under the same conditions.
Bright and spacious locations are key elements in ensuring photo quality. Therefore, it is essential to consider these aspects when choosing the location. Moreover, a well-chosen location can be the perfect stage to capture those funny and touching moments that make your day unforgettable, as I have already pointed out.


How do we make reservations for our wedding?

On the contact page, find e-mail and phone number. We can make an appointment at my studio or at your home, if there is no such possibility, we can arrange a video call. If you decide to hire me, I will send you a contract to sign that will confirm your choices and lock in your date. At this first stage of booking there will be a service deposit to be paid as a confirmation deposit.

Reportage photography captures reality. Emotional weddings make memorable photos. Let the moments flow naturally, I will capture the essence.


contact me!

I respect clients’ requests by valuing authenticity and naturalness. I avoid heavy retouching, preferring to capture natural beauty and genuine moments.


How long will you stay at our wedding?

I do not offer hourly packages, because I like to follow the event from beginning to end, I believe it is essential for the success of the story, so by contract I will stay with you 12 hours, then if during the wedding you realize you need to cover more hours, no problem, I stay as long as you want at an additional hourly cost.


Do you also take group photos?

Yes, group photos are an important element in documenting a wedding and I include them in my work. Although my main style is geared toward reportage and capturing spontaneous moments, I understand the importance of group photos for my clients.
When it comes time for group photos, I make sure to organize the process efficiently and quickly so as not to interrupt the flow of the event too much. I try to make the experience fun and relaxed for all participants so that authentic and joyful shots…


Touch up the skin, remove wrinkles, make a person thinner?

In my work, I always respect my clients’ preferences and requests, but it is important to clarify that, as a photographer, I maintain an approach that respects the authenticity and naturalness of the people portrayed. My photographic style is based on being a visual storyteller true to reality, so I tend to avoid heavy retouching that would alter people’s images. I prefer to capture natural beauty and authentic moments of joy without intervening heavily with digital retouching. I try to work with light and framing to make the most of the subjects, without the need for extreme editing. I hope you can appreciate my philosophy and my dedication to creating images that are sincere and genuine.


When will you hand over the photos?

It usually takes three to four months to the delivery of photos because it takes a long time to make a selection and process them one by one with my photographic style. During the wedding season, time is drastically reduced and I prefer to take more time but deliver accurate work.


How will you deliver the photos?

I will deliver the photos digitally through a secure link that gives access to a private gallery. This provides convenient and secure access to images, allowing you to download them directly to your computer or mobile device. All images are in high resolution, and you can download them all or individually to each device. This way you can share the gallery with friends and family or share the photos you want directly on social networks. You can also decide to allow people to download photos they like.
If you prefer a different option for photo delivery, we can discuss it and find the solution that best suits your needs. For example, I can also provide the images on physical media such as USB flash drives if you prefer a more traditional delivery.


Do you do video as well?

I don’t do the video directly, but I have trusted colleagues with whom I routinely collaborate and work with a certain understanding because we share the same approach to marriage and the same style. The synergy between photographer and videographer is very important for the success of the service, so I am very happy to give you their contact information.


Do you have special needs during the wedding day?

No, I have no special needs or requirements. The only thing I need is to have dinner or lunch provided. It is important to remember that with the reportage style, it is not possible to guarantee the presence in all photos of all the people who will be attending your wedding. If you have a special request, please let me know and I will be happy to fulfill it.

Each photo, lovingly curated, takes time. We deliver secure digital memories in three to four months, ready to be shared and loved.